The Stone Tile Emporium offers a variety of completely natural stone tiles and stone tile flooring designed to last, in a range of styles, finishes and colours.

We are a family-run business based in Reigate, Surrey with years of experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves on our high-quality stone tiles and our team of highly professional craftsmen. From choosing your tiles through to the finished fitting, we will always do our all to ensure complete satisfaction. We focus on excellent products, exceptional workmanship, and quality customer service in every project we complete.

At our Reigate showroom, we have an extensive collection of natural stone tiles, as well as porcelain and mosaic tiles, all ideal for bathroom walls and floors, or bathroom detailing. Our professional fitting services are available to customers across Surrey, Sussex and Kent and surrounding areas. If you already have a trusted tiler, we can supply any tile from our exquisite collections to anywhere in the UK.

Natural Stone Tiles

We provide a wide range of natural stone flooring, offering unique solutions to create beautiful design ideas in any home. Some of our stone flooring styles include:

Limestone – As one of the leading providers of limestone flooring in Surrey, we offer a number of shades, colours and textures. Limestone makes a popular choice for both bathroom and kitchen tile designs. Limestone is versatile and is suited to both contemporary and classical home design choices. In some limestone tiles, you can even see fossilised shell detailing, making it a unique and quirky choice for any home.

MarbleOffering a wide range of different coloured shades, marble is also renowned for its beautiful and iconic veining. The structure of marble allows a high polish to be achieved and its rich mineral content results in a wide range of patterns and shades reflected on the tile. Marble is an elegant choice for interiors.

Slate – Some of the minerals found in slate are very similar to those found in granite, which makes slate tiles a strong and durable option for flooring. The natural makeup of slate creates a unique texture that gives slate tiles a natural look that emphasises the character and design of a room.

Travertine – Travertine tiles are a form of limestone tile that has had additional heat and pressure applied to it naturally.  Travertine is a durable, long-lasting and beautiful looking natural stone tile and in modern applications, it delivers a modern-yet-rustic alternative to other natural stone tiles.

Natural Stone CladdingA flexible natural stone tile, stone cladding can add a little something extra to your home. It comes in a range of finishes, colours and tile sizes, so is a versatile choice for achieving a broad spectrum of different design ideas. It can be used both within the interior and exterior of the house and brings a more natural look to the home.


What are the benefits of Natural Stone tiles?

Our stone tiles come in a range of different shades. Whether you are looking for a smooth, a polished or a rough surface, a blend of colours or one solid colour, natural stone flooring provides it all. Plus, they are highly resistant to heat and scratches, so your stone tiles are guaranteed to last a long time. An essential design feature in any busy family home. With no two tiles alike, our tile selections give you complete individuality when choosing your perfect natural stone flooring.

Why are Natural Stone tiles so popular?

Broadly speaking, most modern homes can be sorted into two main design categories; classical and contemporary. Due to the intense versatility of natural stone flooring, you can choose stone tiles for either of these interior styles. Victorian homes are traditionally known for their stone tiled kitchens, with unique patterns across the floor. In contemporary homes, natural stone flooring can be found in the bathroom, hallways, the dining room and even the bedroom as a stylish alternative to carpets.

Natural stone is often chosen as flooring because it is incredibly durable, long-lasting and easy to clean. Natural stone tiles are highly resistant to scratches, and it’s considered an eco-friendly flooring option. Natural stone also looks classy. All in all, it’s an appealing design choice in the home. With its impressive lifespan and timeless quality, natural stone has become an increasingly popular investment for many aspects of interior design in the home.

How should I care for Natural Stone tiles?

There are a number of guides available online for ensuring that your natural stone tiles remain polished and clean, and help to maintain longevity. There are also specialist products you can buy which are designed to keep your natural stone flooring in beautiful condition.

If you are unsure about over-the-counter products, many of our natural stone tiles can be cleaned by simply washing them gently with warm soap and water and wiping them dry with a clean cloth, taking care not to leave any residue. Chemical cleaners are not recommended on stone tiles, particularly those containing acid as this can damage natural stone over a period of time. Natural stone is actually relatively easy to care for.

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