Some of us would love to come home on a cold evening and sit in front of a warm stone fireplace. The typical roaring fire can really enhance the interior design aspects of your home, so it’s vital that you make the most of what’s on offer with regards to natural stone opportunities.

Fireplaces are a great alternative to standard heating and give you a brand new element of character that is capable of improving the atmosphere of any home, be it modern or antique.

Stone fireplaces have always been something of a luxury for property buyers and their popularity in countryside homes has lead to their introduction into more contemporary households.

If you can’t purchase your own stone fireplace from scratch, you can build your own with the help of some beautiful stone tiles. The tiles can decorate the surrounding area of the fireplace or possibly even make up the mantelpiece.

Travertine is one of many natural stone tile options that work really well with fireplaces, whilst slate gives you an entirely different style yet still retains the stunning appeal of any countryside fireplace.

If you’re designing your own fireplace and require a few examples of some highly desirable stone tiles, the Stone Tile Emporium have a wide range of natural stone tiles available for any interior design project, so get in touch today!

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