Mosaics can offer your garden patio vibrant, complex colours as well as a little something different to your standard patio tiling structure. We’re set to experience some beautiful weather this weekend, so there’s no better time to  start a fun DIY job with stone mosaics.

Not only is it something that will benefit your garden, it’s also an enjoyable activity for the whole family to get involved in. Here’s what you’ll need:


Mosaic Tiles/ Broken-up Tiles

– Pliers

– Diluted Glue

– Grout

– Measuring Tools i.e. sketch, spirit level


 Step 1

Depending on your preferred shape, use a template such as a circular bucket to sketch a design

Step 2

Start placing your natural stone tiles or mosaics onto the paper and glue down when satisfied with your design

Step 3

Place the mosaic template you have made face down in an oiled bucket and pour the mixture of water and cement in afterwards until your each your desired thickness

Step 4

Make sure the surface of the cement mixture is flat and leave to dry for a couple of days

Step 5

After two days, remove the mold with some pliers and you should be left with a beautiful garden mosaic for your patio or garden path!

The vast majority of patios take a beating throughout the winter months, so it’s important to make sure your limestone or other mosaic stone patio is restored to its finest condition before the summer. It’s easy to neglect patios as they are often covered in various plants and other garden accessories.

It turns out that cleaning your garden patio isn’t as hard as you probably thought, with plenty of products available online to get the job done effectively. Alternatively, you can have a go at other straightforward cleaning techniques that will have your patio looking in great shape for the summer.

It’s good to start by getting rid of pointless clutter as this can affect the room you have to start cleaning. If you’ve had various plants on your patio throughout the year, you’ll probably need to do a thorough sweep of the patio.

Depending on the type of natural stone your patio is, you can mix a cleaning solution like bleach with water and scrub with a tough outdoor brush to get rid of other stains. It’s also a good idea to get rid of the weeds growing between the stone beforehand if there are any.

Finish the cleaning process with a garden hose, getting rid of the bleach solution that’s remaining and leave it to dry overnight.

With the Easter holidays in full flow, you might be feeling a little inspired when it comes to decorating your home and garden space in preparation for the warmer climate. The beautiful spring weather we’ve seen over the last few days might have been enough to give you some new ideas for beautifully decorated mosaics in the garden, or possibly even some natural stone tiles for the kitchen and bathroom.

Here at the Stone Tile Emporium we have some stunning stone tiles available that are ideal for creating the perfect kitchen and bathroom space. Whether you prefer something naturally elegant and blossoming with traditional elements or a modern space that creates a wonderfully soothing atmosphere, we have the stone tiles to get your dream kitchen or bathroom up and running.

We’ve also got some great mosaics available that make the most of stunning natural designs and beautifully shaped stone. We have a pebble mosaic option that creates a beautifully natural atmosphere thanks to its natural finish, and it works both outside and indoors. Or if you’d prefer, you can put your Easter inspiration to good use and get hold of our colourful glass mosaics, each providing their own unique benefits from shimmering colour to dazzling pearls.

With just a week to go until the Easter Weekend, see what inspirational tiling ideas you can come up with and make the most of our unrivalled range of tiles and mosaics here at the Stone Tile Emporium!

Slate floors provide plenty of natural attractiveness, especially as they work among various different styles and environments. However, you’ll almost certainly need to go through a regular maintenance program to keep your slate stone tiles look their best throughout the year, whether you have them as a decorative backdrop to your front room TV or as stone cladding on the outside of your property. Here are a few ways you can get rid of troublesome stains and other dirt marks to refresh your slate tiles.

If you haven’t already acquired one, a dust mop can be a really useful tool regardless of the type of natural stone tiles you have in your home. Start by sweeping your tiles with a broom to ensure any loose dirt is collected and disposed of.

Once the floors are free from loose dirt, take the dust mop and move consistently around the room without sweeping back and forth. Dust mops collect the dust that they encounter but can also throw it around if you don’t sweep correctly. The smooth surface of the dust mop should prevent any marks or scratches to the slate.

Finally, fill a bucket with an all-purpose cleaning solution and warm water and use a separate mop to wipe down the slate flooring. If you’re cleaning stone cladding or wall tiles, use some mild detergent mixed with water to clean the slate.

That concludes our guide to cleaning slate tiles. It’s reasonably straightforward and should be carried out every now and then or just before you decide to organise a gathering or house party. If you’re struggling with a cleaning product or don’t have one handy, try mixing warm water with baking soda instead to get rid of specific stains.

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