Mosaics can offer your garden patio vibrant, complex colours as well as a little something different to your standard patio tiling structure. We’re set to experience some beautiful weather this weekend, so there’s no better time to  start a fun DIY job with stone mosaics.

Not only is it something that will benefit your garden, it’s also an enjoyable activity for the whole family to get involved in. Here’s what you’ll need:


Mosaic Tiles/ Broken-up Tiles

– Pliers

– Diluted Glue

– Grout

– Measuring Tools i.e. sketch, spirit level


 Step 1

Depending on your preferred shape, use a template such as a circular bucket to sketch a design

Step 2

Start placing your natural stone tiles or mosaics onto the paper and glue down when satisfied with your design

Step 3

Place the mosaic template you have made face down in an oiled bucket and pour the mixture of water and cement in afterwards until your each your desired thickness

Step 4

Make sure the surface of the cement mixture is flat and leave to dry for a couple of days

Step 5

After two days, remove the mold with some pliers and you should be left with a beautiful garden mosaic for your patio or garden path!

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