With kitchens being one of the most popular rooms for stone tiling, you can expect your cherished tiles to be affected by the daily kitchen routine. Over time, tiles can become dirtier as a result of frying food nearby and this can lead to long term staining. In addition, your tiles could get ruined before you’ve even had a chance to enjoy them if you haven’t applied an effective sealant beforehand.  Here are a few ways to deal with stone tiles that have attracted stains and gathered dust over the years.

The most effective way of cleaning stone tiles is to use a mop. You can create a solution yourself that will get rid of any stains that have resided for months or even years. First off, equip yourself with a broom and sweep up the dust that has collected on the surface. Use a dustpan for any difficult areas that need to be freed of dust.

The next thing to do is to get a bucket of warm water. Mix the water with a mild detergent or a soapy substance that is intended for cleaning stone. With mop in hand, press it into the bucket of solution and target the areas of the flooring that have accumulated the majority of stains. Mopping helps to get rid of any collected dirt that has gathered in between the tiles themselves. It’s important that you empty the bucket of dirty water so that you aren’t just applying dirty water back on to the tiles.

After mopping, dry the area with a cloth or leave it to rest for an hour or so. The cleaning solution will take effect and those troublesome stains will be gone. It’s as simple as that. Make sure you check that your specific stone tiles, whether it’s marble or limestone flooring, are capable of working well with the solution that you use.

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