If you’re looking to install your own stone tiles in the near future, you’ll probably need them to fit a certain space. It can be difficult finding the right-sized tiles for your particular flooring space, so here’s a quick guide on cutting your own tiles and the steps you should take depending on what it is you want to do.

Making a Straight Cut

It’s always important to mark out the cut with a pencil before proceeding. This gives you much more precision and accuracy.

Next you’ll need a tile cutter. Use the tile cutter slowly and gradually to avoid jagged edges, until the entire line has been cut.

Finally, push on the breaker to complete the cut. It’s this particular step that gives you a good even cut.

Cutting a Shape

If you fancy creating some unique tile designs or you have to cut a tile to fit a curved space, you have to make the cut slightly differently. Here’s what to do:

Again, mark with a pencil the line that you’re looking to cut.

This is where it gets a bit more complicated. Rather than cutting with the tile cutter, you need to create a slight groove along the line instead.

Now, take an electric grinder and use this to cut the shape. Start with the ends of the marked out line and proceed to the centre at the end.

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