You might have just finished tiling your bathroom walls or wiping over your newly installed floor tiles in the conservatory and realised you’ve got a bunch of spare tiles left over. Before you decide to chuck them in the skip, here are a few alternative uses for stone tiles that might appeal to you.


This is a great option if you’ve got some stylish tiles that simply can’t go to waste. Tiles like this can be great for table coasters as they are but you can also fit rubber material underneath to provide solidity. Varnish them for extra longevity.


You might have a mirror fixed to the wall in your home that looks a bit plain at the moment. Never fear, as a spare set of stone tiles can provide the perfect canvas for a decorative border. Plain tiles can be painted or even sculpted for added effect.


Stone Tile Emporium have a great selection of stone mosaic tiles on offer but if you fancy having a go at it yourself, why not take your spare tiles and become a bit of an artist? Create some pretty mosaics that suit you or loved ones preferences for a great gift idea.


If you’ve got a tabletop without much sparkle or attraction, have a go at painting some designs for a truly unique tabletop. From a small garden surface to a larger living room table, this is a great way to establish your own personal tastes in your home.

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