Limestone is a porous rock that has given us the opportunity to build, sculpt and create all sorts of different products thanks to its versatility. As well as providing a more than adequate service when constructed into stone tiles, limestone has many other capabilities thanks to its high calcium content. Here are some of the most notable uses of Limestone, some of which you might be surprised by.


Due to limestone’s high calcium count, it has actually been used in cooking in the past to boost the amount of calcium in foods. Bakeries are known to use limestone in many of their cakes and breads to improve their calcium count. You can also find limestone in other condiments such as salt, whilst many farmers will use the high nutritional value of limestone to feed their animals.


Limestone can be used to create decorative glass when it is heated and mixed with other chemical compounds. It contributes to the sturdiness of the glass, making it a useful product when constructing thick cooking dishes and other kitchen items.


Limestone often contains prehistoric remains of marine animals, providing it with further nutritional value. This is why it is also used to aid the growth of plants. Plants need a certain amount of nutrients to grow successfully and limestone is the perfect substance to restore the nutritional value of soil. Plants also need a certain pH level and this can also be restored through the addition of limestone.

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