Many new builds nowadays can really thrive with the addition of some modern tiling, especially in the kitchen area. Your new build may have an isolated kitchen, though the majority of modern houses create a wide open space for the kitchen to expand out on to. Here are a few modern kitchen tiling ideas that could really work with your current contemporary interior design.

Slate is made of mostly microscopic clay materials and can sometimes have a few granite minerals, making it a reasonably sturdy option. Slate has a beautifully natural colour and its texture is capable of creating a unique style and feel. Slate can also be regarded as environmentally friendly thanks to its hardwearing nature. It is an affordable option whatever level of quality you’re looking for.

Limestone can be used on both modern and traditional interiors thanks to its adaptability. It is an extremely popular choice on the market. It is a reasonably simple style of tiling and doesn’t provide the distinct natural effect that you get from slate, though it can come in an array of unique colours. You can use it on your kitchen walls or floors thanks to the vast amounts of choice that you have with this particular form of tile.

If you want something that screams contemporary interior design in a modern household, granite could be the choice for you. Granite tiles are sleek and polished to perfection. They are easy to maintain and will last a lifetime, so they can be regarded as environmentally friendly. They are a trendy option at the moment thanks to their eye-catching shape and structure.

If you need further advice about improving your modern kitchen designs or feel your kitchen could really come to life using any of the tiles mentioned above, why not check out the Stone Tile Emporiums great range of stone tiling or contact us today for a further consultation.

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