Mosaics are a wonderful alternative to standard tiling, especially if you’re looking to enhance the character of your property. Mosaics are commonly found in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even some reception rooms, so you won’t struggle to find somewhere where you can have them.

You can purchase some of the wonderful glass mosaics we have to offer here at the Stone Tile Emporium but if you’re keen to make your own, here’s how to prepare.

If you’ve managed to keep some natural stone tiles such as limestone spare after a separate job, now’s the time to use them. You can sue all kinds of different materials when creating your own mosaics, from natural stone and glass to broken china and even seashells. Once you’ve collected your materials, you’re ready to begin!

Depending on the surface you have in mind for your mosaic, you need to choose a foundation. If you’re creating a mosaic for a tabletop, you need to ensure that the top is sturdy enough. It’s a good idea to give any foundation you choose a thorough clean beforehand as you’ll be using grout and mortar when piecing together your materials.

Try and draw your preferred pattern on the surface first so that you’ve got a plan beforehand. This will make your end product much neater and you can come up with some really detailed ideas using this method.

The final step of your preparation phase is to get hold of some mortar. Mortar is used throughout construction to hold concrete bricks together and it works just as well with mosaics. You can purchase mortar in many retail stores and mix it using manufacturer recommendations if you’re confused.

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