If you’ve decided to get your spring cleaning done a little earlier this year in an attempt to beckon the nicer weather towards us, you’re probably going to have to concentrate on the stone tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, tabletops or conservatory. Here’s a quick guide to getting your spring cleaning done quickly and efficiently.

The first thing you should do is sweep away any dust particles or unattached dirt from the flooring. Once you’re certain the surface is clear, you can reach for the mop. If you’re finding the sweeping process a bit tedious, try vacuuming instead.

The next step is to mop the floors of any sticky substances or short-term stains that have built up. Sticky substances that are too tough to remove with a mop can be scraped off the floor with any kind of scraper. Depending on the floor tiles you’ve got, you should try and find the cleaning solution that works best.

Once you’ve finished mopping up, you can leave the floor to dry for over an hour or so. It really is as simple and as straightforward as that. Remember, cleaning solutions for certain materials such as slate, granite and limestone can be found and purchased online or in any specialist cleaning store.

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