When we hear the word marble we think shiny, decorative stonework or something with style that really brings out the best of interior design prospects.  The word “marble” actually comes from marmaros, which means shining stone. Pure marble would offer a shiny, whitish finish tough the majority of interior design ideas that use marble will have various minerals added to it, producing a variety of extravagant colours and patterns.

Marble is extremely popular in India and is often used in its natural form in households across the country. There are many genuine advantages of using marble in your home, including their wonderful design and decoration prospects. Its natural patterns are ideal for anyone looking for something unique for their kitchen or bathroom tiling. It’s genuinely spectacular look is an excellent alternative to something like slate. Marble is also very easily cleaned, especially if has an added sealant.

Marble is an extremely tough product which is why you often see entire constructions or buildings made completely of marble. Marble is also one of the most heat resistant types of stone around, making homes during the summer time much cooler than that of buildings made from other forms of stone. This could explain its popularity in Asia and other countries that experience a hot summer.

Here at the Stone Tile Emporium, we make the most of the potential marble has to create a stunning array of marble tiles that are perfect for all sorts of interior design ideas. Contact the Stone Tile Emporium today for more information on our range of stone tiles.

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