Slate has become a hugely popular material for tiling purpose and many homeowners have made the most if it’s range of different colours, textures and patterns. Slate can work in all sorts of homes, from kitchens to bathrooms and from older, more traditional builds through to contemporary interior design. So what’s the big appeal with Slate and why has it managed to allure people from a wide variety of different style preferences?

Slate is built from very fine grained rock which consists mostly of tony clay minerals along with microscopic bits of quartz and calcite. This is what creates the unique textural effects with slate. The wavy patterns that you may notice on your slate tiles look beautifully natural and can really emphasise the character of a home, whether it’s a contemporary or period property.

Some of the minerals found in Slate are actually similar or identical to those found in Granite, meaning that the common fear of Slate being reasonably easy to crack is nullified. Granite contains very strong minerals that keep it sturdy and long-lasting. Slate can sometimes contain these minerals as well, so people won’t have to worry about slate being a short-term option.

The wide range of colour that you could stumble upon with Slate is the consequence of trace metals being present, which is the same with stones including Limestone and Marble. These dramatic colours are also emphasised by the way in which Slate is split. The natural layers that are created from the process of splitting Slate exposes the trace metals to the atmosphere which causes a reaction called oxidisation.

So why is it such an appealing form of tiling? Slate is available in all different shapes and sizes so it can be easily customised. Whether its a riven finish your after or something a lot smoother, both traditional and modern homes can really benefit from the stunningly natural beauty that slate conveys.

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