Stone brings an appealing sense of tradition and character to our homes and its uses are many when it comes to interior design, tiling, outdoor decoration and so on. Stone has always been the stalwart of basic construction techniques which is why many people have embraced its unique design and structure to develop the character and overall attractiveness of their homes. Let’s have a look at a few examples of the use of stone in our homes today and how these ideas have been inspired by period tradition.

Tiling has become the norm for most bathrooms, whether it’s on the floor, on the walls or even to add a decorative spark to various bathroom appliances such as sinks and shower areas. Limestone tiles emit a natural atmosphere that helps us feel strangely comfortable when taking a shower for example. The stone decorated baths that look to imitate Mediterranean rock pools gives us an example of how stone has become the comfortable material to be around.

Sometimes stone can be boring, like with drive ways for example. Let’s face it, you hardly care to notice what platform the car is situated on and you’re probably far more interested in the car itself. However, many homeowners have looked to make the most of their driveways to create some pretty nifty design ideas. Beautifully rounded pebbles are commonplace on many designer drive ways these days, whilst flat concrete slabs are being swapped with shingle to provide a touch of uniqueness. You can potentially use a variety of stones that have come fresh from the ocean to further decorate your driveway and really impress the neighbours. Without doubt, there are options available to you.

Stone has become a much more popular choice of material in recent years thanks to the aspects of character it can potentially bring to a home. Stone Tiles Emporium have a wide range of stone tiles available that come in all different shapes and designs. If you’re interested in integrating some natural beauty into your home, contact Stone Tiles Emporium for further details.

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