Granite is an excellent building material that provides some outstanding interior design opportunities whilst being incredibly sturdy and reliable. It has become one of the most popular building materials in modern construction, from kitchen surfaces through to paving slabs. Here are some of the notable uses of granite in today’s construction market.


Granite tiles are tough and easily cleaned so they can easily resist long term wear and tear. Most people actually focus on the design features of granite when purchasing for their household and granite tiles are no exception. Granite tiles can come in all sorts of natural designs and colours due to the way in which it is formed. They have plenty of decorative uses which is why their reputation as a form of tile is so substantial.

Paving Stones

Not only does granite make a pavement, pathways and garden patios a bit more interesting, it also offers excellent resistance to the general demands of the outdoors. From damaging weather conditions to constant usage, granite is incredibly sturdy for tiling and paving slabs alike.


Granite can be shaped to create stunning sculptures, whether it’s a memorial statue, garden decorations or a fountain centrepiece. The natural design is formed as a result of small minerals present in the stone itself after molten magma solidifies. Next time you visit the garden centre be sure to consider granite products as they are extremely sturdy against all sorts of weather conditions.

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