It’s been a great year for people working on the interior design of their Bathroom and we’ve seen all sorts of trends take centre stage over the last 12 months. From the incorporation of natural elements in to the bathroom through to the delicate finishing touches and minimalistic design ideas, bathrooms have been kitted out to match all sorts of style preferences. So what kind of interior design trends released this year could potentially interest you? Here’s a selection of some of the top bathroom trends from this year.


Furnishing has been exploited to the full this year, with the ideal storage units proving to work wonders when it comes to emphasising the space in a kitchen and ridding your space of unwanted clutter. Beautifully furnished wood works perfectly with both contemporary and period design ideas and has proved to be a big hit this year.


People have swayed towards adding their own finishing touches to bathrooms for many years and this year has been no exception. Added features such as lighting effects, polished finishes, unique tiling ideas, mirrors and ornaments are all capable of adding a little bit of personality to your bathroom space.

The Natural Effect

Plants are usually found in the front room or conservatory area in homes but this year bathrooms seem to have got in on the act. Whilst the odd potted plant in your bathroom may not be too much of a surprise, the integration of natural products in bathrooms this year seems to have worked wonders. From natural wood to mosaic tiles, features like these are starting to become the norm in bathrooms across the country.

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