When shopping for new stone tiles you need to have a plan that outlines you intentions for the interior design of your home. Purchasing a stone material that you favour might seem the obvious choice in the short-term but in truth, it’s vital to make the right decision for your specific requirements. Here are three key things to consider when shopping for stone tiles.


Depending on where your stone tiles are located thickness can be a very important factor. If you plan on using stone tiles such as granite for countertops then you will need to address the issue of thickness. Using tiles meant for walls on a surface can be a huge mistake as they won’t have the same resistance to everyday usage, regardless of the strength of the material.

Spanning Distance

Tiles are designed specifically to provide a certain purpose. In some cases, stone tiles will be designed to span across a further distance, as is the case with kitchen tops. However, you need to make sure that the portion of stone you are using ahs the strength to cover wider ground. This is one of the reasons why wall and floor tiles are separate.

Does It Match?

Most importantly of all, are you getting the right material to suit your home? There are plenty of different materials available that offer different designs. Some are more beneficial for contemporary homes such as slate, whilst antique homes might benefit from marble instead. It’s always important to view the stone tiles you are purchasing in a home environment to see the effect they would have in your property.

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